Commercial Roof Repair

Our qualified team of roofing experts will quickly and comprehensively assess any company’s roofing problem and present the most effective means of roof maintenance. We recommend a thorough inspection of all areas on your roof if you have experienced a leak. 

Since we understand that no two roofing problems are alike, we will take the time to fully understand your problem. Whether you’re in need of a roof leak repair or preventative maintenance, we will offer recommendations on the best route to take for your solution. 


At B&L, we deliver the highest quality re-roofing services. We understand the importance of having a durable roof over your head, and we’re committed to meeting all of your re roofing and roof leak repair needs. There are plenty of reasons why a roof will begin to breakdown, so make sure you are being proactive when it comes to the more important part of your building — your roof!

School Roof Repair

As school building age, roof maintenance becomes a crucial component. Too many schools make the mistake of ignoring roof problems until it is too late. Leaks and faulty roofs can cause damage to classrooms and equipment, and water damage costs can become significant. Avoid this damage by entrusting B&L, a licensed school roofing contractor, to protect and repair your school roof. After all, we have been an industry leader since 1989. 

Emergency Roof Repair

When you have a roofing emergency at your building it’s important to get the issue professionally repaired quickly to prevent further damage. The commercial roofing experts at B&L General Contractors are ready at a moment’s notice. We have the experience and equipment needed to deal with roof repair emergencies, big or small.

Common emergencies include fallen tree limbs due to storm damage, improper installation, overdue maintenance, flashing failures, and water leaks.

A Roofing Contractor You Can Trust

Although most of these instances are out of your control, some of these emergencies can be prevented through scheduled routine roof maintenance. We work with clients throughout Atlanta and the southeast. Contact us today for a free estimate! We provide emergency roof repair when you need it.