Roof leaks can be disastrous for building owners and facility managers.  When a roof is neglected, minor problems can compound themselves into costly repairs.  The number one way to find yourself faced with major roof issue is by not being proactive with your roofing inspections.  There are maintenance programs commercial roofing companies offer that will help you stay on top of minor problems that could arise with your roof. 

At B&L General Contractors, we provide free roof inspections to those that contact us, but even more importantly, we provide a maintenance program.  This program allows us to inspect your roof twice a year for issues that could lead to a roof leak.  Below are a number of areas we inspect to make sure no water is penetrating your building’s roof.

  • HVAC units – Cut outs in your roof from HVAC equipment is one of the leading causes for rook leaks.  When B&L installs a new roofing system, we make sure all seals are properly accounted for so that you will not have any roof leaks.
  • Chimneys – Some commercial roofs have chimneys.  Much like HVAC units, there are openings around the chimney that must be accounted for properly when sealing a roofing system.
  • Valleys – This is a line where two roof planes intersect.  When not properly sealed, they can cause a roof leak.
  • Hail damage – Fierce thunderstorms, such as those that contain hail, can really wreak havoc on a roof.   When hail pounds a building, it can create a number of holes.  You may not know the extent of the damage after a thunderstorm until the next rain hits your building.  Be on the lookout of leaks particularly after a heavy rain storm.

Be Proactive

You may never know you have a roof leak until it’s too late.  The feeling of arriving to work or at your school and seeing water damage inside your building is devastating.  Get on a regularly scheduled maintenance plan and leave the health of your roof to a professional roofing company.  The small investment today being proactive will prevent costly repairs tomorrow.